Popcorn and Butter: Powering HTML5 video experiments

Let’s face it, HTML5 video is in its infancy. Precocious as it may be, it still has a lot of growing up to do.

And if HTML5 is an infant, then its proud parents would be Web Made Movies, Mozilla’s open video lab. As proud parents are oft to do, they are helping to push the limits of what HTML5 is capable of with their Popcorn JavaScript library and Butterapp authoring tool.

This group of very determined and ingenious developers, filmmakers, and journalists is working together to make it easier to mash up Google Maps, image feeds, Twitter accounts and other semantic data to create data-rich video and audio experiences.

One especially impressive example of this is the #18DaysInEgypt project, which uses annotated and aggregated video, commentary, and news items to build an immersive experience.

I expect to see many more amazing data-rich video applications being spawned from this powerful library in the future.