Advanced Uploading Techniques — Part One

Uploading large files or over slow connections makes your uploads vulnerable. Learn how to break your files into smaller pieces using the File API and how this enables users to pause and resume their uploads.

Web Audio API — Part Two

Continuing from our previous tutorial, we now introduce the concepts of position, convolution and impulse responses.

Web Audio API – Part One

The Web Audio API is one of two new audio APIs designed to make creating, processing and controlling audio within web applications much simpler. In this page, we will start at the very beginning and work though the basic concepts until we have a working example.


Learn the secret to silky-smooth JavaScript animation! requestAnimationFrame provides a native API for running any type of animation in the browser, be it using DOM elements, CSS, canvas, WebGL or anything else.

Create an iPad optimised game

HTML5 canvas is of course brilliant. But it has to be said, performance on iPads (and most other devices) leaves much to be desired. The forthcoming GPU accelerated canvas in iOS will help, but in the meantime, it’s possible to create smooth animated graphics with CSS manipulated in JavaScript, even on a first generation iPad.

Three.js part 1 – make a star-field

Remember FastKat? Wanna know how you’d make it yourself? Well it’s quite easy to create a similar effect with three.js and particles. And as particles are the simplest 3D objects you can make, this is a fun way to get started with this powerful library.

Make an explosive firework display

Creating fireworks using the HTML 5 canvas: both awesome and fun to do. We’ll be covering particles, physics and easing so even if fireworks aren’t your thing (there’s the door!) there should still be a lot of transferable coding goodness.

The best tutorials from the web

Getting started with WebGL – draw a square

Excellent tutorial from Bartek Drozdz for those of you looking to get started with WebGL. It’s clear that it’s quite a complex technology – a tutorial that draws a square is 4 pages long! But this will help you to understand exactly what’s going on.