Thank you – 25,000 hits in 24 hours!

Thank you for your overwhelming support yesterday for the launch of – it really blew us away!

Unfortunately it also blew our server away – for some of you our countdown timer got to zero and then a very non-creative error message appeared! It’s not that surprising, the poor thing was bombarded by at least 10,000 of you all in one go. Oops. Well we’re good at creative coding but we’re not that good at server admin I’m afraid. :)

There were a couple of other teensy teething troubles, the team link wasn’t working straight away, and database errors killed our RSS feed. But they’re all shiny and fixed now.

And Val, who’s done a stirling job on the logotype and site design, has been up all hours discovering and fixing an array of problems with the WordPress theme we adapted. You might want to send her a friendly tweet to tell her you appreciate the hard work. :-)

Oh, and if it didn’t quite work for you the first time, here’s what should have happened when the countdown reached zero.

So perhaps not the slickest of launching, but we’ll make up for it – already we’ve featured a 2D vector library, a platform game, flocking simulations, and a WebGL 3D engine.

And that’s just after one day! We’ve got plenty more in the works, so on behalf of the team: thank you! Your support so far really has been overwhelming. We’re really looking forward to continuing to share the very best of Creative JavaScript and HTML5.

Any requests? Did you find something cool? Send us a tweet and let us know.