The new home of Creative JavaScript and HTML5

Welcome to the grand unveiling of the CreativeJS website – collating the internet’s most incredible, inspiring and downright jaw-droppingly amazing JavaScript and HTML5 projects!

Chrome Experiments’ WebGL Globe

I don’t know about you but it seems to me that it’s a pretty damn exciting time for creative coding with JavaScript.

We’ve seen insane performance improvements in JavaScript. And what about canvas? A huge bitmap that you can draw whatever you want in? And now WebGL!? It totally blows my mind that you can render millions of triangles with JavaScript. JavaScript!

3 Dreams of Black

So that’s why I’ve set up this site run by me and a few friends. From now on, anything cool we find around the internet will be posted here for your enjoyment. We’re hoping it’ll become the go-to place to find exciting JavaScript demos, projects, games, and well, anything else that we think is awesome. So it’s pretty much a given that this site will feature some pretty damn inspiring stuff.

Seeing cool stuff is brilliant, but have you ever wondered how you’d go about programming things like that? I’ve been running CreativeJS workshops the world over, so there’ll definitely be an element of learning here. We’ll deconstruct some of the featured projects, and I also hope to write up select exercises from the courses.

Fractal Lab

So here’s where you can enjoy the fruits of the imaginative and resourceful JavaScript community members as they share their new found visual coding skills. We hope you enjoy it, and of course, please let us know if you find anything cool!

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