Survivor – a C64 remake

It’s 1983. It’s very late. You’ve got school tomorrow but you’re damned if you’ll accede to ridiculous demands for sleep with such an epic score hanging in the balance…

Survivor was one of those games that frequently led to suspension of my Commodore 64 privileges. No save games and a solitary level that got tougher the more you conquered it!

Scott Shiller has done us proud with this superb remake of the ’80s classic, complete with faux-C64 loading screen. He’s pulled together a ton of DOM elements, CSS and SoundManager2 (a cross-browser audio library) to produce a truly enjoyable retro feel.

There’s an interesting development diary that details his original game analysis and design decisions, and a flickr set. I’d love to see more people detail their projects in this way.

Anyways, must dash. I’ve a high score to beat!

Survivor – C64 remake
Write-up/dev diary
Flickr set