Clippy is back

Buckle up your seatbelts, the nostalgia train is leaving the station! Everyones favourite judgmental “Office Assistant” Clippy is back!

Smores, Clippy.js brings Microsoft’s clippy to the browser, with a complete set of animations and sounds, you can be pleasantly helping your users in no time. The inspiration behind this project is so flawless you’ll be wondering why he hasn’t been revived before.

Our research shows that people love two things: failed Microsoft technologies and obscure Javascript libraries. Naturally, we decided to combine the two.

Just like in Office, Clippy isn’t the only obnoxious friend you can choose from, there’s also Merlin the wizard, Rover the dog and Links the cat.

Animations are achieved by quickly alternating the background image position on a large sprite sheet, whilst sound is achieved via the use of the html5 ‘Audio’ tag.

Clippy.js by smore (@SmorePages)