Super Hans Noob Tube Defender Of Earth

Despite the strange title, Super Hans is an addictive retro looking pixel blaster created by KSLR. There’s no real plot, just “destroy all the robots”, but that seems to be enough. You can run left, right and jump, but as you run you fire a bouncy¬†grenade. This can of course be used to destroy the robots which drop down on you from above, but it also has a nasty habit of exploding away the very land on which you run. Destroy too much of the ground and you’ll get dangerously close to the lava pit below.

You’ve a limited supply of ammo as well, just 12 shots to start with. But more drop in from above as you destroy the robots. Contact with robots drains your energy. If it gets to low you explode in a hail of gibs. Randomly dropped hearts will replenish your health, but it doesn’t really last long.

Visually the game is chunky pixel overload, with suitably bleepy sound effects to back it all up. Created with Scirras Construct2 package it makes good use of modern browsers and ran flawlessly on the desktop, making use of GPU acceleration to great effect where available. It’s not exactly a deep game, but for the time you spend playing it those few minutes will be tinged with frustration at first, followed by a dawning realisation as you clock the controls and eventually reward as you figure out the tactics required to Destroy the Robots!

Play Super Hans in the Scirra Arcade