Elevated – a beautiful mountain fly-through demo in 28Kb of JavaScript


Elevated was originally released in 2009 at the Breakpoint demo party. Created by Rgba and TBC it took the viewer on a stunning trip around a beautiful mountain landscape, complete with music, rippling seas and lighting effects. All packed into a tiny 4k executable. A level of procedural generation that would make even Braben weep.

Fast forward to 2013 and the Japanese JavaScript gurus 301z have taken the PC original and converted it to just 28Kb worth of WebGL powered demo heaven. You’ll need Chrome or Firefox to view it with WebGL enabled, and it takes a while for it to calculate all of the textures, music and data at the beginning – but once done it’s a wonderful visual treat.

And if you can make head or tail of the JavaScript code, power to you :)

Watch Elevated in your browser at http://301.untergrund.net/elevated.html

There is also a 9Kb PNGinator version of the demo put together by gasmanic.