Weave (more) Silk

Chances are that you’ve already seen Silk, Yuri Vishnevsky’s fun experiment in generative art?

Well, Yuri’s latest incarnation of Silk adds ambient background music and allows for more control over the artwork.

The share mechanism is very nicely implemented; recipients will see the piece evolve rather than being shown a static image of the end result, cool!

New Silk

6 thoughts on “Weave (more) Silk

  1. Hi Yuri,

    Very cool, I especially like the spiral towards centre setting (either that’s new or I totally missed it the first time!)

    Thanks for letting us know :)

    • No problem; glad you enjoyed it. And yes – spiral is new, along with all of the ridiculous higher symmetry settings. Now I’m thinking about what fun things I can do for the next version… Any suggestions you’d like to see?

      • can you make it to where it doesn’t move by itself, like a flame when you draw stuff, because sometimes thats really annoying when I am trying a certain design, and add more colors

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