CreativeJS workshops back and updated

Two CreativeJS workshops are back and updated! The first, CreativeJS for Designers is aimed at creative people who have never done any JavaScript programming. I learned to code by drawing pictures and animating stuff, and it’s seriously fun – the best way for creative people to get started in programming in my view.

The second is the return of the original CreativeJS workshop – JavaScript Graphics and Animation, updated for 2014. Just as you’d expect, there are all kinds of visual effects and advanced interactions. A great way to improve your JavaScript and it can really help to renew your excitement about programming.

Tickets go on sale on Tuesday 14th at 11am UK time. Register your interest on the ticket page for a reminder email.

PS if you can’t get to the UK, then mini online courses are coming – sign up to the mailing list to be the first to hear.

More info on the CreativeJS training page.