About Paul King

Paul (@nrocy) is a self-confessed geek who just can’t get enough of new things to learn from, or tinker with. He’s had a weakness for 3D since his days of building software renderers and cobbling together POV-Ray scripts on a battered old 386.

Weave (more) Silk


Chances are that you’ve already seen Silk, Yuri Vishnevsky’s fun experiment in generative art? Well, Yuri’s latest incarnation of Silk adds ambient background music and allows for more control over the artwork. The share mechanism is very nicely implemented; recipients … Continue reading

Link: Particulate pictures


Decomposing images into a bazillion dancing particles certainly isn’t a new idea, but this three.js based demo from @BlurSpline is a particularly (heh) nice example. Spherical repulsion and noise are among the transition effects available, and while the reformation of … Continue reading

Link: SnappyTree


SnappyTree is a WebGL-based procedural tree generation app by Paul Brunt, of GLGE fame. It offers a bunch of neat presets, along with 20+ parameters that affect the trees ‘growth’ and texture. Your resulting tree can be output to JSON … Continue reading