About Paul Neave

Paul (@neave) is a multi-disciplined creative developer, interaction designer, user interface designer and maker of interactive tools, toys, apps and art at his website Neave.com.

Link: Painted Sky

Painted Sky

A beautiful WebGL demo created by Paul Brunt (@super_eggbert). It mimics the feeling of flying through clouds, but in an abstract and blurry space. It reminds me of this more realistic demo created by Mr.doob. This version however uses WebGL fragment shaders to … Continue reading

Link: Spiders!


Look away now if you’re in any way arachnophobic! A scary little WebGL demo using a 3D black widow model from the amazing RO.ME project. Created using three.js by a Swedish developer known only as OutsideOfSociety. Watch the 3D Spiders! (Requires a browser … Continue reading

Link: Infinite Beanstalk

Infinite Beanstalk

A beautiful WebGL demo here using the three.js 3D library. Created by Einar Öberg, a Flash developer (and I would also say excellent JavaScript coder!) from Sweden. Einar explains his inspiration and how he made the beanstalk on his blog. The never-ending beanstalk is actually an … Continue reading

Very nice Voronois


I’d like to introduce you to Voronoi diagrams. Don’t fret, I’m not going to lecture you on the mind-numbing mathematics involved, explain Delaunay triangulation or waffle on about fields of coplanar points or circumcircles. I don’t understand any of that either. But what I do … Continue reading