About Tim Holman

Tim (@twholman) is an Aussie Interactive developer, who loves tinkering and tweaking JavaScript and CSS in creative and innovative ways. You can check out his experiments on tholman.com

Link: Bacteria


With another day comes another stunning demo on Codepen, this time its bacteria by Grégoire Divaret (@grgrdvrt). Simply put, bacteria is a beautiful micro-organism rendered on the HTML5 canvas element consisting of both particle and spring systems (the code alone is certainly worth … Continue reading

4D Video

4D Video - not for the weak, or hungover

Cameron Adams 4D Video is a fantastic little experiment utilizing the HTML5 WebRTC API. 4D video will give you video feedback in the 4th dimension (for those who aren’t Doctor Who fans, the 4th dimension is time). The mesmerizing result will have you waving your arms … Continue reading