FastKat by Andrea Doimo

You always get the best results when you tailor the design style of your project to suit the limitations of the medium. And FastKat is a perfect example of that. Rendering 3D in canvas is pretty slow, and rendering huge texture mapped models is pretty much out of the question.

But how about a load of flying particle circles? No problem!

It took me a little while to figure out who was behind, but a little investigation lead me to Andrea Doimo, who also maintains a comprehensive list of every video game ever made. It’s been around a little while, but we thought it was worth a mention.

Especially because I’m writing a tutorial on how to make this type of game with three.js that I’ll post in the next few days. Especially as I’ve now posted the first in a series of tutorials about how to make this type of game with three.js. And I also cover the basics of three.js in my CreativeJS workshops.

Play FastKat, and there’s also a non-interactive “screensaver” version. But be warned – it’s hypnotic! [via @itsmrwave]