The internet is complete : WebGL Nyan Cat

Aaaaand we’re done. Nyan Cat, the epitome of internet memes is now in 3D WebGL. I don’t who made this, there’s no credit in the code, but the first mention of it on the internet that I saw is from Mr.doob who tweeted it last week.

Be sure to check out the super spooky slow-mo paused music.

So whoever made it – thank you! We’ve peaked.

3D Nyan Cat in WebGL

7 thoughts on “The internet is complete : WebGL Nyan Cat

  1. in my lamer system, pause work only in maxthon4 retro(trident) mod, and in ie 11, all other brousers wont anderstand click for pause
    test in chrome(28) firefox(23) both portables, maxthon in webkit mod work like chrome with this

    i think some js was filtered, but i don’t understand what exactly
    win 7 x86

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