Analog or digital

You may have noticed that we’re fond of a bit of retro, so it was hard to resist this pixelated music video from Wildlife Control… from their blog:

We were tinkering around with the SoundCloud API late one night several weeks ago and realized we could use the timing events and track comments to make something cool. At the time, we were thinking it would be a quick little animated ASCII thing. After digging in a little more, we decided to go way bigger.

Each jumbo pixel in the grid is a plain old <div> with a coloured background, while scenes are broken down into reusable sprites to keep things snappy.

Cute 8-bit dinosaurs, robots & zombie dogs all make an appearance, with SoundCloud comments embedded at the correct time-index – a nice touch.

I strongly suspect there’s some nice tooling behind this, if the large arrays of data in the source are anything to go by. Perhaps they’ll let us know!

The song isn’t half bad, either :)

Analog or digital – Wildlife control