Quake-style animated models in three.js

Three.js is growing into a sophisticated and capable library, and although it’s not always obvious how to import your 3D content into it, you can convert your models from most popular formats into the json files that three.js requires.

If you look in the utils/exporters folder in the three repository, you’ll see several Python scripts that can convert from 3DS Max Obj, Maya fbx, Blender, and many more. But now, thanks to OutsideOfSociety you can now also convert MD2 files.

MD2 is a lightweight animated 3D model format that was initially developed by ID and used in Quake. Animation is stored in a series of keyframes, and each keyframe holds every vertex’s position. The playback system morphs between the keyframes to create seamless animation, usually in real time.

You can find loads of them on the PlanetQuake website, Which is where I assume that AlteredQualia found the model in this demo where you can freely move between the animated sequences.

MD2 Demo by AlteredQualia and MD2 convertor by OOS with a blog post to explain how to use it.
[via HTML5GameDevs]