Graphical patchers unite!

vvvv.js - graphical programming in the browser
Are we ready to say a big buh bye to writing code in a text editor? Perhaps not quite yet, but the people behind VVVV.js are convinced that visual node-based programming in the browser could become a reality.

Another one to add to the ever growing list of interesting javascript ports such as WedPd, VVVV.js brings VVVV, a visual programming language to the web browser and along with it, its mental model for graphical VVVV’s node-based approach draws similarities to other graphical programming environments like max, reaktor, quartz composer.

The goal of VVVV.js is to enable the browser to run VVVV files on the client side – by porting the runtime parts of VVVV. This project proves to be quite the undertaking as not only do the internals have to be ported, but also all the hundreds of nodes supported by VVVV. It looks like around 60 nodes have been ported – enough to get up and running in that playground but by no means is ready for anything more. Patch editing and creation is does depend on the Windows VVVV client – but patches can be viewed in the browser. A preview of the VVVV to VVVV.js connection can be seen:

Found via this quasipartikel blog post, you can learn more about the VVVV.js project or even go a step fruther and or go a step further and contribute to this open source project on github