Olympic Doodles

Google, keeping up with their proud tradition of olympic doodles have stepped up their game this year, releasing a slew of addictive interactive, Javascript powered games.

These doodles began on August 7th, with a small hurdles game, where you tap the left and right arrows to run, and the space bar to jump. Upon finishing the race you are awarded with small golden medals, and a time to brag about.

The next day followed with basketball, a simple arcade styled game, where you hold the mouse down to power up the shot, and let go at the right time to release, and score.

Thursday (the 9th) brought on everyones favorite spectator sport slalom canoeing!, using the now familiar arrow key tapping to awkwardly paddle your way through a watery obstacle course.

And finally today we have soccer (sorry, I’m not going to call it football), which sets you sliding and jumping to defend your goal, again with the simple arrows and space bar combination.

With only three more days of olympic’s left, we can only hope that google have a few more of these in store, or something big to end what has been an absolutely wonderful two weeks.