Be nice to Bob


[UPDATE] Einar Öberg just sent more information – his company North Kingdom made this with the help of Dinahmoe. There’s also this very cute promo video – this project has very high production values!

Even if this latest game from Google’s Creative Lab (Ursine Diversion Division) didn’t showcase the kinds of things you can get up to with WebRTC and even if this game didn’t have some extremely addictive little tweaks, you’d still want to play Cube Slam simply because Bob the bear is so darned cute. Seriously.

The first few times you play, you might find yourself deliberately losing points just because Bob gets grumpy and a bit sad when you win a point. Lose a couple of times and he’s okay.

If you keep playing, though, you’ll find a nicely implemented variation of possibly the most classic of classic games, Pong. There are a enough power-ups, handicaps and obstacles to keep you playing for as long as you can stand making Bob the Bear sad. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that you can play two-player across the Internet allowing you to slam the cube into your opponents face via webcam. Throw in the fact that the sound is generated dynamically using the Web Audio API and there’s hardly a new API not covered.

Find out more at the Chrome Blog or play at, made by North Kingdom