Parallax.js is a robust little parallax engine, giving you a quick, simple api to get going with all your parallax needs. Forget scrolling though, parallax.js utilizes your devices orientation and will fall back to cursor positions if no motion detection is available… this really gives you that sexy responsive feel.

Apart from being open source, the project also has a beautifully designed demo page, really showing off the libraries full potential (be sure to check it out on mobile, or iPad!)

Parallax.js by Matt Wagerfield (@mwagerfield) and Claudio Guglieri (@claudioguglieri)

6 thoughts on “Parallax.js

  1. So far, really nice. I’ve been playing around with it. I would love an option for scrolling, but I’m not having much luck. I’ll probably put in an enhancement request.

  2. i have made a website with parallax.js but if i click a link twice then no other links works again till i refresh the page, but the url changes according to the clicks, any help please?

    • That is done with CSS and not the actual library. Take a look at the elements and you’ll see they have an animation effect on them with different speeds (giving the somewhat random feeling effect).

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