JS1K Speech Synthesizer

When you think of your computer talking to you it’s usually space aged computers and robots, or maybe Siri if you’re less imaginative. You probably don’t think of it happening in your browser, and especially not something made for JS1K.

Showing up the other sound generating entries, Mathieu Henri created this JS1K Speech Synthesizer for the contest. It’s a super simple speech synthesizer that “says” what you’re typing as you type, and then the whole line once you hit enter.

While it’s pretty amazing to see this done in your browser and at such a small file size, you’re not going to be able to use this for your next round of prank calls:

To go under 1K, I had to limit the synthesizer to two format filters using either a sawtooth or noise and discard plosive sounds. In other words I had to sacrifice quality a bit.

Either way, it’s very impressive! You can play the live demo , or check out the source and more on Matieu’s site.

JS1K Speech Sythesizer by Mathieu Henri.