I ain’t ‘fraida no maths


Learn all you need to know about maths for programming with this brilliant video series from Keith Peters.

I always encourage people to learn to code and often they’ll reply that they’re “not good enough at maths”. The truth is that you don’t need very much maths to be able to program – it’s much more about logic.

That said, creative coding and particularly graphics programming can get a bit scary on the maths side. Thankfully my good friend Keith Peters has been quietly working on an amazing series of videos all about maths* for coding.

You might know Keith as Bit101 and he wrote 31 days of canvas tutorials a year or two back, as well as writing a lot of best-selling ActionScript books back in the days when Flash was still a socially acceptable pastime. Crazy, heady days.

It’s an unmissable series of videos, and he’s still making them. It’s well worth investing the time into this type of maths, particularly trigonometry and the vector maths. It’ll really improve your creative coding.

Coding Math video series on YouTube by Keith Peters

* For some reason he calls it math – singular – which obviously is weird. But don’t let that put you off.