Hello Processing!


Hello Processing! is a wonderful new interactive tutorial produced by the Processing Foundation as a part of Code.org’s Hour of Code initiative. Learn to code in an hour with Daniel Shiffman, who really is the best creative coding instructor around if you ask us!

The tutorials teach Processing, but a whole lot of JavaScript went into making them as interactive as they are. Ace for code editing, Popcorn.js for media-driven events and Processing.js for in-browser execution of Processing code.

The result is an interactive and high energy introduction to programming. They didn’t stop at just having the video and code samples synced up, you can even edit and run the code live as it’s being discussed. Perfect for sharing with all your non-programming friends!

It’s still in beta right now (the official release is slated for later in December) so you may find a few bugs here and there. If you do, help them out by reporting it on github.

Hello Processing!