About CreativeJS

We’ve seen insane performance improvements in JavaScript. And what about canvas? A huge bitmap that you can draw whatever you want in? And now WebGL!? It totally blows the mind that you can render millions of triangles with JavaScript. JavaScript!

So, this is the place to come to enjoy the fruits of the imaginative and resourceful JavaScript community members as they share their new found visual coding skills. We hope you enjoy it, and of course, please let us know if you find anything cool!

The CreativeJS Team

Seb Lee-Delisle

Seb (@seb_ly) is an internationally recognised creative coder who travels the world showing off particle systems, games and 3D effects in JavaScript. A highly sought-after speaker, his recent CreativeJS workshop series sold out within hours. He also makes large scale installations like interactive fireworks displays and glow-stick voting systems and is comfortable coding across a wide range of languages and platforms. He co-hosts the Creative Coding Podcast.

Val Head

Val (@vlh) is totally into design, type and code. She is a freelance designer and consultant who wants to see the internet stay as awesome as possible. Sometimes she puts pixels aside to draw letters and screen print, sew LEDs into things, and send lots of mail. She speaks internationally at conferences about design and interaction. She also runs a popular web design conference, Web Design Day, in Pittsburgh.

Paul King

Paul KingPaul (@nrocy) is a self-confessed geek who just can’t get enough of new things to learn from, or tinker with. He’s had a weakness for 3D since his days of building software renderers and cobbling together POV-Ray scripts on a battered old 386. Should RSI loom, he can usually be found with a soldering iron in his hand. Or a beer. Occasionally both!

Richard Davey

Richard (@photonstorm) has been making games and demos since he typed in his first 8-bit code listing decades ago. Since the birth of the internet he has spent his professional life dedicated to getting the most from web technologies. He is extremely excited at seeing both these passions come full circle and explores them on his site HTML5 Game Devs.com

Tim Holman

Tim (@twholman) is an Australian developer with a healthy addiction to all things web. Tim loves seeing how people interact with technology, and is even more interested in how technology interacts with people. With a degree in Games and Interactive Entertainment, he spends his time exploring new technologies at Qwiki and on his personal playground. Above all, Tim loves the idea of engaging the emotions with simplistic, yet powerful media.

Simon Madine

Simon (@thingsinjars) is a recovering game designer who spends his time making educational interactives, handy tools and digital toys. As a Nokia Maps Developer Evangelist, he is as likely to be found organizing Tech Talks as he is to be writing code. A specialist in rapid prototyping, Simon is always on the lookout for a way to do things faster. In his spare time, he moonlights as the tech side of Museum140.

Kevin Sweeney

Kevin SweeneyKevin (@restlessdesign) is a Senior Developer at Vimeo and has most recently been responsible for its relaunch under an HTML5 banner. He believes the role of interactive technologies are to augment design and simplify user experience. When not writing Javascript he’s most likely fidgeting with his next Arduino project.

Jamie Kosoy

Jamie Kosoy Jamie(@jkosoy) is a lazy, boring, selfish, egotistical, no-talent hack…or at least that’s what he’s afraid of becoming. Jamie is interested in creating experiences and art at the border of the impossible and the imagination. He is happiest collaborating with designers to make beautiful innovative things. Sometimes he builds things for the web. Sometimes it’s out in the real world. When not focusing on personal or commercial projects Jamie teaches in the MFA Design + Technology program at Parsons in New York. Never short on an opinion, he also speaks and writes about technology, process, innovation, and education.

John Dalziel

John John (@crashposition) is an experienced Creative Developer who has been working with digital media for almost three decades. He is a specialist in the history and mechanics of measuring time and is a charter member of the Long Now Foundation. His work for The Retroscope was shown at TED Global 2010. If you want to make him happy, give him coffee.