About Kevin Sweeney

Kevin (@restlessdesign) is a Lead Engineer at Vimeo. He believes the role of interactive technologies are to augment design and simplify user experience. When not writing JavaScript, he’s most likely fidgeting with his next Arduino project.

Link: FloraJS


FloraJS by Vince Allen is an visual exploration into the world of Braitenberg vehicles. In the words of Wikipedia: A Braitenberg vehicle is an agent that can autonomously move around. It has primitive sensors (measuring some stimulus at a point) … Continue reading


Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 11.45.38 PM

In celebration of GIF earning the ever prestigious honor of being named Oxford American Dictionary’s “Word of the Year”, we present GIFCTRL. This clever little site allows you to link to a GIF (or cycle through several examples by clicking … Continue reading