About Paul King

Paul (@nrocy) is a self-confessed geek who just can’t get enough of new things to learn from, or tinker with. He’s had a weakness for 3D since his days of building software renderers and cobbling together POV-Ray scripts on a battered old 386.

Link: Don’t panic!


I like to think that most, if not all people have read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Fewer, however, will have whiled away many a frustratingly-enjoyable hour being hammered time and time again by Infocom’s HHGTTG text adventure in … Continue reading

Link: Microcity


This piece from Mathieu ‘P01′ Henri is a 3D city crammed into a mere 256 frikkin’ bytes of JS. Having seen Jerome Etienne’s procedural city tutorial, itself inspired by mrdoob’s threejs city generator, Mathieu figured he’d see how low he … Continue reading

Link: Follicle physics


It’s not often that you see hair modelled after a bunch of tentacles, but here we have it! Mathias Paumgarten took inspiration from Justin Windle‘s inverse-kinematic Muscular Hyrdrostats piece, to produce this guy with his rather funky windswept ‘do. As … Continue reading