Link: Squishy Earth

Its so squissshy!

Squishy Earth is a playful little experiment by Byron Knoll (the name says it all, really!), showcasing an impressive little bit of volumetric physics, and some very smooth deformative textures. Impressively enough, the experiment also runs fairly well on mobile, using the hammer.js library to … Continue reading

Link: Radius Raid

Radius Raid

Radius Raid is a sharp little javascript + canvas game made by designer & developer Jack Rugile (@jackrugile) for this years js13k games competition. Reminiscent of asteroids, as well as the more modern geometry wars, radius raid has you flying a small ship, defending your … Continue reading

Link: Microcity


This piece from Mathieu ‘P01′ Henri is a 3D city crammed into a mere 256 frikkin’ bytes of JS. Having seen Jerome Etienne’s procedural city tutorial, itself inspired by mrdoob’s threejs city generator, Mathieu figured he’d see how low he … Continue reading