Link: Follicle physics


It’s not often that you see hair modelled after a bunch of tentacles, but here we have it! Mathias Paumgarten took inspiration from Justin Windle‘s inverse-kinematic Muscular Hyrdrostats piece, to produce this guy with his rather funky windswept ‘do. As … Continue reading

Link: Bacteria


With another day comes another stunning demo on Codepen, this time its bacteria by Grégoire Divaret (@grgrdvrt). Simply put, bacteria is a beautiful micro-organism rendered on the HTML5 canvas element consisting of both particle and spring systems (the code alone is certainly worth … Continue reading

Link: Here is Today


Depending on what mood you’re in, this exquisitely designed demo from White Vinyl Design will either make you ponder the insignificance of daily life or marvel at the vastness of existence. Or simply smile at the rather nice tweening functions … Continue reading

Link: Verlet–js


Verlet–js is a framework shared by Sean at earlier this week. If you’ve worked with physics engines before, you’ve probably heard of Verlet integration which is often used for the math behind putting particles in motion. This is a … Continue reading