Just my type

Web typography has been moving forward in leaps and bounds over the last year or so. For the most part, Javascript and canvas have just played a supporting role helping to serve up fonts. But recently folks have been getting more creative and it’s really exciting to see.

Handy scripts like fitText and lettering.js — both by Paravel — enable web designers to push the boundaries of setting headlines and using type as an illustrative element in their work.

Take an even bigger step away from the yawn-inducing web typography of the past and you’ll find the type experiments over at web typography for the lonely. It’s a showcase of canvas, SVG, and JavaScript experiments paired with bitingly bitter copy and plenty of shared code. Chris gives a walk through of each experiment and points you to lots of related resources. He has provided a great starting place for anyone looking to explore creative typographic creations with JavaScript. I for one would love to see more in this area!