From forest to desert

Endless Forest

A dark and spooky forest. Drums pounding. A large bird swooping overhead. A full moon. No, this isn’t the setting of a scary movie but an awesome WebGL demo from OutsideOfSociety! Made using Three.js and including assets from the excellent RO.ME. Move your mouse to sway through the trees.

Walk through the endless forest!

Desert Snake

After making your way through the forest, why not stroll through another excellent WebGL demo from OutsideOfSociety, also made using Three.js. Here you’ll find a snake (made with a custom snakey-textured cylinder) crawling through a desert (a textured “height map” terrain) dotted with cacti and weeds. It’s simple yet very effective, especially with the cool cowboy Spaghetti Western music. Move your mouse again to pan around the snake as it slides over the bumpy sanddunes.

Wander off into the sunset with the desert snake!