The Convergence


This is probably one of the first really great examples of HTML5 gaming I’ve seen. Most HTML5 games up to now have been proofs of concept with minimal graphics and tenuous gameplay. That’s not the case with The Convergence though. This game stands up with the plethora of Flash games on sites like Kongregate and proves the doubters wrong that JavaScript can be used to make decent games!


That’s not to say this game is perfect, however. It definitely has its flaws, one of which is the complete lack of sound effects or music. However after briefly speaking to the maker of the game @currantcat it sounds like that’s not far off. Audio is definitely still one of the more trickier elements when writing a game in HTML5.

Besides being written in HTML5 and JavaScript, The Convergence is a really clever game idea. It’s Sokoban meets Mario with teamwork and love thrown in! And as with any great game the first few levels act as a tutorial, teaching you how to master the game and delighting you with each level passed. Very addictive and very fun.

Play The Convergence!