DIY white Christmas wherever you are

There’s been no shortage of creative JavaScript Christmas fun for us to post this year, that’s for sure. This one is just a little different and probably my favourite so far, so it’s perfect for our Christmas Eve post!

JavaScript snow for your web site is pretty cool, but Javascript snow for your street really takes it up a notch. It’s a message combines Google Maps data with a little style and a bit of snow to let you do just that. Perfect if you’ve been hoping for a white Christmas but are stuck with cold gloomy rain like me.

Enter your address and watch the snow fall on your street with some soft background music. (Assuming you live somewhere with street view, that is.) Possibly more soothing than those fireplace apps :)

The project is by @thespite, with contributions from @mrdoob. It uses a little bit of everything, from Three.js to Google Web Fonts. Full listing in their credits link, of course.

It’s a message Holiday 2011