All The Dancing Robots


Code Club is an organization that runs after school coding clubs for kids world-wide. Something we probably all wish we had around when we were younger! They’ve created Robo-Boogie – a super fun site encouraging kids to try out some coding to make their very own dancing robot. But you don’t have to be a kid to try it out. Pick from a cast of friendly robots and play choreographer using sliders in basic mode, or dig right into the code in code mode. You can save your robot’s amazing moves to share with friends if that’s your style. Or just see if your robot could hold its own in a dance-off with the ones entered into the contest.

I assume all our readers are a bit outside the required age range, but if you know any kids age 6 to 11 in the UK, have them enter their dance into the contest. There’s just one day left to enter!

by Hover, Albion, Timothy Winchester. & Code Club