I was very excited to see Anitype pop up on Twitter yesterday. The project asks one simple question – “What if letters could move?”. Certainly a fun enough question on it’s own, but they take it one step further by creating a framework for SVG animated letters and inviting you to contribute your own creations to the project. So basically, pretty darn awesome!

You have one second to animate your character. And yes, you can pick any glyph you’d like. You have point data (mostly thanks to Two.js), easing options based on everyone’s favourite Penner Equations and a well thought out editor to work with. To top it all off you can code, submit and even fork others’ submissions right in the browser. This could get a bit addicting.

Full documentation on how to submit can be found here, and of course you’ll want to check out the gallery of contributed letters too.

A Chrome Experiment from Jono Brandel