Nokia Maps’ alien invasion

Rumour has it there’s a bit of an easter egg lurking in Nokia Maps. The kind that reveals an alien spaceship to fly around the map. A pretty fun one if you ask us! Type “we come in peace” in the search field and you can try flying around your neighbourhood, or anywhere else on earth, in a spaceship.

It started out as a fun internal project and just landed on the live site yesterday. Built using GameJS and Box2D, a small canvas is placed on top of the map to give you a spaceship to fly around. I’m pretty sure the aliens are the friendly kind, they observe a strict 40mph speed limit while exploring the maps.

Go give it a try! Find your favourite destination on Nokia Maps and enter “we come in peace”. Or if you’re feeling lazy, skip directly to the aliens. The ship also turns up if you search for “explore area 51”. I’m sure you can guess where that one takes you :)

You can summon the alien ship with just about any modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE9+, Opera). There’s no sign of the extraterrestrials on the mobile version yet, but who knows where they might turn up later!

Nokia Maps alien invasion