Grand Theft Auto WebGL

Before you get too overly excited by the title, no this isn’t a full recreation of the 1997 DMA classic. Instead it’s a WebGL tech demo put together by Niklas von Hertzen as an experiment, to test out the creation and performance of large static environments. It works by loading in the original GTA map files which are now freely available, parses all of the data out of them and re-creates the city in WebGL driven 3D.

Several of the game objects are also present, and a basic collision system allows you to teasingly walk around the city in pedestrian mode. I guarantee you’ll walk up to a car and try to get into it, but alas that won’t do much right now. However the project is fully open source, so if you’d like to re-live the Gouranga moment and add it back in, then checkout the code from github and get hacking.

View the GTA WebGL Demo