The Game of Life

Conway’s celular automaton, the game of life is a great starting point for budding developers, in fact there are more than a few html5 recreations floating around… But some people just love to take it to the next dimension, literally.

Lucas Nasif’s homepage is a great example of what can be done with a little webgl magic. Running in the background, is a beautiful 3D rendering of the game of life. Not only that, but the project (which is open source) uses web workers to calculate everything behind the scenes!

Another great example is creativeJS frequent, Jaume Elias’s (@thespite) very artistic 3 dimensional game of life, complete with an interactive viewing camera, pause control and screensaver mode, all made possible of course, with webgl and Three.js

3D game of life by Lucus Nasif (@ehqhvm) and 3D game of life by Jaume Elias (@thespite)