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Little Sun Light Graffiti

Once again, it’s time for a small collection of the links we’ve been sharing on our Facebook page.

Strange Attractors

We had a day of hypnotic mathematical wonders a couple of weeks ago when we shared a lot of Strange Attractors.

Jacob Seidelin’s introduction is a nice place to start to get an idea of what they are all about. We then have the De Jong Attractor by Jeremy Ashkenas before Felix Woitzel demonstrates both the Rikitake Attractor and the Rabinovich Fabrikant.

And, of course, this previously covered experiment by CreativeJSer Paul Lewis is a gorgeous place to end up.

IRL art

Little Sun Light Graffiti

The Tate Modern Gallery is known for its experimental use of technology. The latest project to blur the boundary between art In Real Life and the digital world is Little Sun Light Graffiti by Olafur Eliasson. Visitors to the exhibition could create their own light graffiti which was captured, digitised and used as the building blocks for the online exhibition. The online project is powered by the ever-present three.js.


There is apparently some debate over whether Bangarang by Skrillex is Dubstep or not. I have no idea. Whatever it is, playing around with it in this interactive piece by Paul Lamere from Echonest is fun.

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