Prime numbers visualised

Have a maths fetish? Then you’ll totally love this hypnotic demo that shows prime numbers simply and elegantly. It was first announced on reddit by the original poster known only as QuantumTunnelling :

Each number n is represented by an arc of length (2 * pi * r ) / n. The center circle represents number 1, as it makes a complete rotation every tick. Number 2 is represented as an arc that makes a complete rotation every 2 ticks, number three as an arc that completes a rotation every three ticks, and so on. The horizontal line shows the factors of the current number by bisecting the arcs that represent them.

Um, yeah that makes it sound really complicated. But just go and have a look for yourself and its meaning immediately becomes apparent. If anyone knows any more about the identity of this mysterious poster please let us know – it’d be great for us to thank them in person.

Number Simulation via Reddit