Rocking Dendrites

Rocking Dendrites is another beautiful WebGL experimentation from Jaume Sánchez Elias at Drop an mp3 onto the page or let the provided music play as beautiful dendrite objects are formed, swirling around the misty display and pulsating in time to the beats of the music. An extensive control panel allows you to tweak the dendrite shapes – from adding arms to picking from 5 different render effects such as metallic, cloudy and fuzzy.

three.js provides the WebGL mojo as usual but is supported by dat-gui, a compact GUI library for tweaking values in real time, used to create the modification panel. And dancer.js, a powerful audio API dedicated to creating great visualisations, of which this certainly is one. Be sure to drop a fast and furious tune onto the page to see just how wild it can get. And in case you were wondering what a dendrite is; they’re the projection of electrically stimulated neurons.

So find some music and play with the dendrites for yourself.