WorldMonger is a tech demo showing off the new Babylon.js WebGL Engine. Babylon.js was first revealed at the same time Microsoft announced WebGL support in IE11 and has gone from strength to strength since then. Boasting a comprehensive API with a whole raft of features such as a collision engine, particles, 2D layers, per pixel materials, reflection textures, mirrors, cameras and plenty more.

They’ve been busily releasing new demos to show off different features of the engine, and the most recent is called WorldMonger (perhaps a play on the classic game Powermonger). In it you get control over an impressive looking heightmap terrain. You can spin the scene around, change your brush size and then carve away into the landscape, or raise the terrain up. The higher it gets the more mountainous it becomes until eventually it has glossy snow peaks. Drop it low enough and all is left is the lovely looking water.

While it’d be nice to see some actual games being made with this engine these visual feasts are still very entertaining to play with.

See what you can create in Worldmonger.