Remote.js is a super slick way to wirelessly communicate between devices without the use of additional hardware or a middle man. Instead it relies on tones: Applications can communicate with one another by literally emitting tones at different frequencies. The receiving computer listens for that tone (via standard microphone input) and then reacts accordingly. No web sockets, nodejs, or any other middle man required.

While I personally can’t imagine any immediate practical use I really admire this kind of hack. This had me looking up the maximum hearing range of humans and laptop microphones – one of those things that just sends me down a Wikipedia rabbit hole. I’d also be curious to see if there’s any way to solve the higher frequency bleeding problem described in the readme: It’d be really cool to use this without hearing high pitched tones.

I also wonder – does anyone out there have ideas for practical applications for this?

Remote.js by Hage Yaapa.