About Hakim El Hattab

Hakim (@hakimel) is a Swedish developer that loves working with interactivity, graphics and animation. He’s motivated by a need to create distracting interactive contraptions and obsessive about pushing the open web into unexpected places. Beyond tinkering with personal experiments, Hakim spends most of his time revolutionizing the way that people experience information at Qwiki.

Link: Cubes


Daniel Rapp has created a fun new reflex based game called Cubed. It was built using three.js and your objective is to dodge an incoming horde of – wait for it – cubes! Sounds a whole lot easier than it is… Give it a go and let … Continue reading

Link: Sproingies


Sproingies is a fun and playful WebGL demo from Ed Mackey, here’s more from the author himself: After years of seclusion, the youngest generation of Sproingies make an appearence on a WebGL canvas. Code by @emackey based on Learning WebGL and other sources. Original Sproingie … Continue reading