About Simon Madine

Simon (@thingsinjars) is a recovering game designer who now specialises in rapid prototyping and making digital toys. As the here.com Technologies Evangelist, he is as likely to be found organizing Tech Talks as he is to be writing code and spends his spare time as the tech side of Museum140.

Lunar Trails


On a slightly smaller space scale than some of our other recent links but larger actual scale, CreativeJS’s very own Seb Lee-Delisle has created a real/virtual world crossover by re-creating a classic arcade game in his latest art project. Currently … Continue reading

Space 2012


“Space”, the Hitchhikers’ Guide says, “is big”. Fortunately, computers are really good at processing big numbers. As mentioned in last week’s post, a common thing developers do after we’ve got a grip of our programming language of choice is to … Continue reading