About Jamie Kosoy

Jamie is a lazy, boring, selfish, egotistical, no-talent hack…or at least that's what he's afraid of becoming. He is happiest collaborating with designers to make beautiful innovative things. Sometimes he builds things for the web. Sometimes he builds things out in the real world.

Link: Moonjs

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 11.16.34 AM

I’m sure you’ve all heard before about how the iPhone is more powerful than the computer on the original space shuttle. That’s all well and good, but replicating the guidance system entirely in the browser? That’s just crazy. …or maybe … Continue reading

Link: Webgl Academy

Webgl Academy

While it certainly won’t be winning any design or UI awards anytime soon, Webgl Academy is a solid take on blending the step-by-step interactive tutorial approach of Code Academy with the excitement of Webgl. I went through a few tutorials … Continue reading