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  • Radius Raid

    Radius Raid is a sharp little javascript + canvas game made by designer & developer Jack Rugile (@jackrugile) for this years js13k games competition. Reminiscent of asteroids, as well as the more modern geometry wars, radius raid has you flying a small ship, defending your … Continue reading


  • WorldMonger

    WorldMonger is a tech demo showing off the new Babylon.js WebGL Engine. Babylon.js was first revealed at the same time Microsoft announced WebGL support in IE11 and has gone from strength to strength since then. Boasting a comprehensive API with … Continue reading


  • 60 metal spiders

    sea3d is a 3D object file format developed specifically for use in games. It contains a whole wealth of features including custom shaders, automatic baking, deflate/lzma, ATF textures and plenty more. It exports from 3DS Max and the objects can … Continue reading


  • obsidian by xplsv

    obsidian is a WebGL powered demo released at the Euskal demo party by xpslv (Mr. doob + trace). I’m going to cheat slightly and insert a lot of the text from the readme below because it’s quite fascinating reading and … Continue reading


  • Drone attacks, visualised

    I’m often asked at my workshops whether creative programming can be used meaningfully, rather than just decoration, and here’s a perfect example of that – an expertly executed visualisation of the drone attacks on Pakistan from 2004 up to the … Continue reading


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